There are many options that are available to homeowners who wish to have a new pool installed on their properties. One of the most popular pool installation choices today is that of the gunite swimming pool. Gunite is a popular choice because of its high durability, as well as its ability to be created in just about any shape imaginable. After you have made your choice to have pool installation done, you might be curious to know what, exactly, the process of a pool installation is. For this, we will assume that the type of pool you have chosen is that of a gunite swimming pool.

Step One: Pre-Construction

It is important for Ross Brothers to meet with you prior to starting the construction of your pool, so that all aspects of your pool installation can be discussed with you. This meeting will discuss the pool’s design, the pool’s shape, as well as what the best possible location in your yard will be for the pool, and other details that are important to consider, such as how to best accent your yard.

Step Two: Excavation

After all the plans are drawn up, and everything is approved, it’s time to get to work. The process of excavation digs and removes the dirt from your yard, creating the trenches that will be needed for the plumbing and electrical aspects of your pool.

Step Three: Steel

In gunite swimming pools, steel is used to both form and to strengthen the structure of the pool.

Step Four: Plumbing

This is the step where all the plumbing necessary for the pool will be addressed. This process will lay and set the skimmers, the main drains, the return lines, and any other lines for plumbing that might be required for your pool design.

Step Five: Gunite Time

A gunite swimming pool is a mixture of both cement and sand that is shot into the pool through the use of long hoses and a nozzle. This is the step where the actual pool truly begins to take on a recognizable form, and comes to life.

Step Six: Backfilling

Some of the dirt from the excavation step will be back filled around the pool, against the pool’s shell, and will then be compacted to add stability to the pool.

Step Seven: Pool Tile

After the back filling is complete, we will begin to install tile to the pool.

Step Eight: Pool Equipment

The equipment necessary for the pool is set upon concrete pads during this step. As soon as everything is in place, the final electrical and plumbing connections are made.

Step Nine: Prep and Pool Finish

The last steps in the installation of a pool would be that of prepping the pool for its finish, and applying the finish to the sides and the floor of the gunite pool shell. Typically, traditional plaster is chosen for this finish because of the smooth surface plaster offers. Traditional plaster does have a life of about 8-12 years, and will require re-plastering to address any possible cracks or staining that may have occurred.

After all the steps of the pool installation process are completed, it comes time to finally fill your pool with the water you will need, and to begin the start up. After all of this is done, your pool will be ready to enjoy roughly 5-7 days later, which is the approximate time that is needed following the pool start-up so that the water can balance properly.

When it comes to pool installation, make sure to trust Ross Brothers to do the job right the first time. Call us today at 866-804-9750.

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