There are a great number of products and materials available for use in the patio of your home’s pool area. Stamped concrete and pavers tend to be the most commonly used and popular material choices on the market today. Both options fall within a more affordable budget for many homeowners, and can be considered quite durable and provide a pleasing look. While the options are comparable, they’re not exactly the same. When it comes to each, you must consider that they will have their own advantages and disadvantages, which makes deciding which option to choose a simpler matter of figuring out which material option offers the advantages you are looking for, and whose disadvantages you are comfortable living with.

Pool Pavers

Much like its stamped concrete rival, a decision to opt for the pool paver option for your pool’s patio area is a great choice. It is still an affordable option, although it falls within the $16 to $24 per square foot average, as compared to stamped concrete’s $12 to $16 price per square foot.

Advantages of Pool Pavers

  • Unlike stamped concrete, properly installed pavers will not crack.
  • It is possible to accomplish a seamless fix in the event that some underground repairs become necessary.
  • Pavers can be added to quite easily if need be for the future.
  • The surface is not slippery when wet, unless it is sealed. However, sealing is seldomly done on pavers around pools for this reason.
  • If not installed correctly, there is a distinct possibility that the pavers can settle and then move over time.
  • The color and pattern selections are not as varied as stamped concrete.
  • Weeds have a better chance of popping up and growing between the pavers unless you use polymeric sand.
  • While the color and pattern selections are limited, it is likely that a variation in the color of the product that is unwanted is possible, as the pallets on the same truck can possibly be different.

Disadvantages of Pool Pavers

Whether pool pavers are the way to go for you and your home’s pool patio, or you prefer the option of stamped concrete, call Ross Brothers today at 954-281-7944 to make sure the quality you are seeking is delivered.

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